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What is Contemplation?

Contemplation is the practice of thoughtful observation of life and the world, a process of intentional reflective practice that entails the opening of mind and heart to the present moment – the ‘noticing’ of things, if you like – so that, by attention to thought and feeling, one may be granted a deeper awareness. In fact. it has been said that contemplation is the root of awareness and creativity.

There are many reflective practices that come together under the umbrella of contemplation. LifeStreams offers opportunity to explore several of these practices, including mindfulness, meditation, prayer and the creative arts.

A Contemplative Gathering on the fourth Sunday evening each month draws on these practices to create 40 minutes of peace and stillness to calm the soul.

Meditative practice may include guided meditation, silent reflection on visual images, the repetition of bible verses or other mantras for contemplation, meditation to music, and more. Practices vary in length and style but the emphasis is generally on peace and stillness.

LifeStreams Retreats offer more extended opportunities for reflective practice, perhaps for half days or full days, and often focus on a particular theme, such as Finding Life, Seasons of Creation, Prayer, Finding God in the Everyday, Art, Journaling, Seasons of the Church Year, Yearning, Forgiveness, Rest, etc..

About the Creative Arts?

Breathe Gallery is a new LifeStreams project to establish a space for the display and practice of the creative arts. The Chapel was built in 1878 and has been a significant place of worship and spirituality ever since. It will provide display space for works of art, performance space for music and dramatic arts, quiet space for contemplation and prayer, and open space for play and exploration. All people are invited to share this space and to join us in this exciting journey

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