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Theme: Growing in Ourselves

26th July

Minister: Anne Spoelder


Rom 8: 26-39

2nd Aug

Minister: Steve Jackson

God’s Provision

Rom 9:1-5

9th Aug

Minister: Anne Spoelder

Good News

Rom 10:5-15

16th Aug

Minister: Robyn Daff

Gods’ Riches

Rom 11:1,2a. 29-32

23rd Aug

Minister: Steve Jackson

Sacrificial Serving

Rom 12: 1-8

30th Aug

Minister: Anne Spoelder

Love in Action

Rom 12 9-21


Working from home some days this week .

Ministry Team Leader

Anne Spoelder    

mob.0418 525 872

Sunday, Tuesday, working from home & Wednesday - Friday

Executive Assistant

Robyn Daff          

 mob.0407 854 132

Wednesday, Thursday, working from home & Friday

Facilities Manager

Kevin Dean

Monday, Wednesday - Friday

Customer Service

Diane John

Not in the office

Southern WellBeing Centre

Steve Jackson

Wednesday, Thursday

Prayer Matters

Gordon & Bette Allsop, Thelma Riley, Ray & Ellen Palmer, Eric and Val Longmuir, Beryl & Neil Lewis, Andrew Watts,  Ray Verity, Bev Boyd who has not been well for a few days this past week, and Jillian  Moss & Lois Andrews, who are both facing and going through issues with their health at the moment Please pray for Lorraine Woodroffe, as she is unwell at the moment. She has been in & out of hospital a couple of times this past week and is now home. Her move to residential care has been ‘put on hold’ for the moment.  

A number of our families have young people who are working in medical fields - doctors, nurses, paramedics and in administration. Please keep them in your prayers as they work in these difficult situations.

Anne Spoelder spoke to Greg Fry (Uniting Church minister her in Cheltenham) on Thursday , who is very grateful for our prayers, & wishes to pass on his thanks to us all.

For Reflection:


2019 to 2021

Southern Community Church of Christ is a Christ-centred Church where:

• People Matter

• Community Matters

• Spirituality Matters

• Life Matters

In September 2019, Anne presented this “Future Directions” paper. She begins by acknowledging the amazing community that already exists at Southern.

You are loyal, hard-working, faithful, committed, and resilient!! Each of you deserve to be – and I want to continue – to honour you, uphold you, and care for you. Particularly as I think about those within our church family who are more mature and perhaps becoming more frail, it is important that we ‘maintain the status quo’ as this relates to worship, to pastoral care, and to this being a special and precious space for all of you ... but continue to look to the future! Both can happen, I am sure of that.

In saying this, I think it important to acknowledge and keep in mind that the model of church as we have known it to be over our lifetime, is never going to be the same again; as much as we might long for that, the future of the church will never be the same as it once was. Even more so at this time in the history of our world, let alone our church, with the unwanted ‘arrival of COVID-19, and all the changes we have been ‘forced’ to address and  accept, both personally and as that relates to our services.

I know that each of us derives comfort in living with what is familiar to us and feels safe for us, and so we can feel tentative about change and fearful of the future. However, I feel that now is the time when we have some of the best opportunities to recognise and embrace this truth that the world is a vastly different place and, therefore, the church needs to develop a different response to the needs and demands of the world, our society, and our communities. I believe it is as we recognise this and ‘shape’ our future ministry areas and ministry team with this in mind that the Southern Community Church of Christ will grow! What we do need is courage and a willingness to step out and take some risks – as many of our former leaders here at Cheltenham did for their time – and allow God to reveal in new and fresh ways, how we are to move forward.

So, let me share with you below how I view our future at Southern Community Church of Christ, and its surrounding community. Whilst I list several areas of ministry that will be important to develop over the next five years, I want to acknowledge and  praise God for the number of groups and  ministry areas that are already in existence, functioning well & growing. You will have noted from the heading of this paper that I am outlining a ‘future direction for the next two years – 2019 to 2021’ – and so there are just a few areas that I would like to place focus upon, as follows:

  1. Children’s Ministry
  2. Chinese Ministry
  3. Life Streams (Wellbeing Centre)
  4. Welfare Assistance
  5. Communication
  6. Small Groups - new expressions
  7. Worship
  8. Gender Diverse Ministry

Over the next few weeks, ‘LIfe Matters’ is going to take each one of these focus areas and explore what it may mean for us, particularly as we will enter a post-COVID period and Anne would like to hear from you any comments you would like to offer to her. Next week we will start with the Children's Ministry area.


2020 Annual General Meeting Update

Following the latest Covid-19 restrictions imposed on the community by the Victorian Government, it became obvious that the AGM would no longer be able to be held on 9 August as advised on 26 June.

The Board, at their meeting  on 15 July,  resolved that the following actions be taken:

  • Postpone the AGM indefinitely pending a relaxing of the current restrictions to a point where a meeting can be conducted in a manner which will allow all members to participate in accordance with SCCC Rules and/or the Act. A new Notice of Meeting will be issued as soon as this option is available.
  • Nominations for Board members received up to 12 July remain valid for the new AGM date and election process unless withdrawn.
  • Nominations can be lodged at any time between now and the announcement of a new closing date which will be set at 5 Sundays prior to the AGM date.
  • An application be made for a further extension of the time allowed for holding the AGM in accordance with the advice from DoJ.
  • As any rule changes require to be considered at a General Meeting of members, the same problems arise in trying to do that prior to the restrictions being eased. However, the Board will be looking at options to conduct some of the AGM and election processes such as a postal voting system for those matters that would not necessarily require discussion, such as the procedural matters. Draft rule changes to allow this practice will be submitted to the church for consideration at the AGM.

Please feel free to contact me or any other Board Member regarding these matters. Nomination forms were provided to each member on 26 June and any nominations for the Board can be posted to the church, handed in at the church reception or emailed to: [email protected]

God Bless and stay safe. Kevin Norris, Secretary, 16 July 2020



Staying Connected

While we will continue to follow the Victorian Government Guidelines for staying safe, many in our Church Community will continue their calls to other people within our community as will Anne and Steve as they work with some of our most vulnerable friends.  We really appreciate all you are doing to stay connected.


And for a laugh this week……. Last week was Noah; this week it's Moses!  

Face Masks

Sue Paterson has been very  busy making cloth face masks and has delivered them to us!  If you would like to obtain  one or three, Sue is happy to make ‘to order’ or you can have one of the ones she has delivered.

If you have any spare cotton material (plain, brushed) or any ¼ inch elastic, Sue would love to hear from you!

For orders or material, please call the Church Office - 9584 8499.

Sue is one of our angels at Southern (and there are many of you!!). Not only is she an extraordinary musician, she is a great sewer and she has been delivering food for our pantry (along with many of you as well).

Thank you Sue.

COVID 19:  A Message from CCVT

  • From 11:59pm on 8 July 2020 you are only allowed to go out for four reasons: shopping for food and supplies, health care and caregiving, outdoor exercise, and study or work – if unable to work or study from home.  
  • From 11:59pm on Wednesday 22 July 2020, you are required to wear a face covering when leaving home, unless a lawful exception applies. A face covering can be either a face mask or a cloth mask and needs to cover both the nose and mouth. More information on face coverings is available on the DHHS website.  
  • You cannot attend religious ceremonies or private worship – we encourage you to use online services instead.
  •  Places of religion and worship must close for both religious ceremonies and private worship, but up to a maximum of five people can be on site to record and live stream services. You should ensure those people maintain physical distancing by keeping at least 1.5 metres between each other at all times.
  •  Weddings held in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be limited to five people (the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant). You can travel to a wedding outside of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire if you are getting married, a witness or the celebrant, however the limits on the number of people will still apply (five people including the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant). You cannot travel to a wedding outside metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire as a guest.
  • Funerals held in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be limited to 10 mourners plus those required to conduct the funeral. You can travel to a funeral outside of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. The restrictions apply based on the location of the funeral.
  •  A wedding or funeral held in a private residence in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be limited to the members of the household, plus the people required to conduct the ceremony.
  • You should never attend a wedding or funeral if you are unwell. You should maintain your physical distance at the event.
  • Places of worship can continue to be open for essential public support services such as food banks, help for the homeless or other essential activities, ensuring appropriate physical distancing is maintained by keeping at least 1.5 metres between everyone at all times.


If you feel unwell with any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), however mild, you should stay home and get tested. If you have any fever, chills, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, and loss of sense of smell or taste – get tested and stay home until you get the result - don’t go in to work and don’t visit friends and family. If you are a family member of someone waiting for COVID-19 results, please also stay home until the results are known.


As we have all experienced over that last few weeks particularly, the advice and requirements of Government and Health officials can change rapidly and not as previously scheduled or anticipated.

The aim of these CCVT emails is to keep you in the loop and up to date with the most relevant changes, information, and advice but of course it does not replace official Federal or State Government health advice


As we are sure you are aware, the new COVID 19 Guidelines mean that the Church Service as we know it will not be back for some time. However, we will continue to bring you a weekly

reflection on YouTube; keep you informed via “LIfe Matters” and  keep contact with you with phone calls and ‘Staying Connected’.  If you have any concerns or needs, please get in touch with Anne Spoelder or Steve Jackson or others in our faith community.

Cheltenham Community Centre:

CCC will continue to run limited programs with the English language classes on “Zoom” after a 3 week school holiday break.The teachers and students have reported that this has been a successful learning tool!

Some of our recreation classes will continue to run online also.  For more information and up to date information you can visit the CCC website :

Offering: If you would like to continue to provide your offerings to support the work here, here are the bank details, for online banking. Your gifts are greatly appreciated.

Bank: ANZ                Account Name: Southern Community Church of Christ        

BSB: 013 483        Account Number: 299418582

Soul Cafe:  Soul Cafe offers contactless home delivery for $5.00 to anyone in the 3192 postcode area.  You can also order 4 weeks ahead. You can drop your form  into the letterboxes at the front and rear door of SCCC  by midday Monday 27th July.  Please note:

Orders received after midday Monday may not be processed and we may be unable to provide your meal.

Family Matters:

On Sunday 19th July, the family of Jack Fawcett placed a plaque in the Memorial Garden in memory of Jack.  Anne led a short ‘Interment of ashes’ ceremony. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Over recent weeks we became aware that the Children’s Contact Services* of the Family Court of Australia was unable to find places for parents and children to have supervised time together. As all the playgrounds and toilet facilities are closed, they needed another safe place. We have been very happy to provide that space, with care taken to observe COVID 19 guidelines in relation to distancing and sanitising.  

*Children’s Contact Services aim to minimise a child’s exposure to conflictual or unsafe situations. They provide safe, neutral and child-focused venues for facilitated visits and changeovers to occur between children and their parents and other significant persons in the child’s life. They assist parents who are experiencing conflict to manage these arrangements. Children’s Contact Services work with families to encourage positive interaction between children and their parents, and to support the strengthening of these relationships. Over time, and where possible, parents are encouraged to move to self-management of their arrangements for spending time with the child.  

*PS: A huge ‘thank you’ to Robyn Daff, Kevin Norris and JIllian Carson, who have been willing to assist over the last few weeks, with opening up our facilities and being present in the property while these families are present in our buildings. This is a wonderful and safe service that we, as a church, is able to offer to this organisation in our community.

Facility Matters:

Work has continued on the kitchen this week with both Kevin Dean and Marc Philips working on the walls and ceiling repairs. One of the difficulties at the moment is sourcing the materials for the kitchen.

Welfare Matters:

It has been a busy week for our Welfare program and we are in need of ring pull tins of spaghetti, baked beans and vegetables. Thank you all for your generous donations - you have been amazing!

Knitting for Gatehouse

If you are wondering what you are going to do over the next few weeks, how about doing some knitting!! We have been giving knitted squares, jumpers, cardigans etc to the women at Gateway in St Kilda! They have been received with great excitement! So get those needles out and give it a go!! If you need any help or ideas, call the ‘Knit and Natter’ Group. They will be happy to help. (Call the Church Office for the number).

Shirley Weeks has been making these squares and taking the squares the group makes and turns them into beautiful rugs like the one she is holding.

Coming Up:

Steve and Anne are beginning to plan for our Reflections in August and September and our potential return to face to face meetings


Soul Cafe Home Delivery

See Soul Cafe Information above and the SCCC webpage

SCCC Working Bee  31st  July  2020

These are held on the last Friday of each month. See Rex Wythe for details.

Where are we and how can we be contacted?

Southern Community Church of Christ,  2-12 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, 3192  

Phone: 03 9584 8499 or 1300 057 088

Email: [email protected]         Web:   

Customer Service Hours: Phone only at this stage -   Wednesday - Friday 9.00am-3.00pm until further notice.    

Ministry Team Leader:

Anne Spoelder  

Email: [email protected]

Executive Assistant:

Robyn Daff

Email: [email protected]

Southern Wellbeing Centre:

Steve Jackson

Email: [email protected]


Email: [email protected]

Facility Manager

Kevin Dean

Email: [email protected]

(We had a spare page so, here are some puzzles to test your powers of deduction!)