An experience of rest, relaxation and reflection in the midst of our busy lives.

LifeStreams offers an experience of rest, relaxation and reflection in the midst of our busy lives. A program of Southern Community Church of Christ, LifeStreams seeks to cater for the needs of:

              • the community that actively engaged with Southern Community Church of Christ
              • the diverse networks within the wider Churches of Christ movement
              • the wider communities and networks with which LifeStreams participants engage
              • the diverse communities of faith within the City of Kingston and beyond
              • the business/corporate/commercial world that is on our doorstep


LifeStreams offers a range of services and resources to support people in their experience of and reflection on life. These services include Spiritual Direction, Contemplation, Creative Arts, Massage, Myotherapy and Family Counselling.

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Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction is a prayerful process in which two people share a journey of discovery about God and life. At LifeStreams, trained and accredited Spiritual Directors are available to facilitate your personal spiritual journey. In a safe and welcoming environment, the spiritual director will help you pay attention to your experiences of God, and help you reflect on and learn from your everyday life experiences. For many people, spiritual direction becomes a source of healing, nurture and fulfillment.

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Contemplation is the practice of thoughtful observation of life and the world, a process of intentional reflective practice that entails the opening of mind and heart to the present moment – the ‘noticing’ of things, if you like – so that, by attention to thought and feeling, one may be granted a deeper awareness. In fact. it has been said that contemplation is the root of awareness and creativity.

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Therapeutic Services


As a centre for wholeness and wellbeing, LifeStreams affirms the integration of body, mind and spirit. This is reflected in the therapeutic services that are offered as part of the LifeStreams program, including massage, myotherapy, counselling and family therapy.

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