Southway Counselling Centre

Need someone to talk to ?

Southway Counselling Centre is a community counselling service that seeks to support people as they develop more creative and satisfying life patterns. Southway has been operating in Cheltenham since 1998 and has a team of around 10 counsellors with a wide range of specialisations and expertise.

We offer weekday daytime or evening appointments in person (subject to public health regulations and prior agreement), over the phone, or using Zoom or similar video calling software.

Southway is affordable! A sliding scale of fees is linked to a person’s income, and the appropriate fee is determined in conversation with the counsellor at the first session. We try to ensure that no-one is prevented from accessing Southway’s service for financial reasons.

Southway is accessible! We offer counselling for all age-groups. Counsellors work with individuals, couples and family groups as appropriate.

Southway is confidential! Southway takes confidentiality and privacy seriously. You can obtain a copy of the Southway Privacy Policy and the Counsellor Code of Ethics upon request.

Phone 9585 5714 now for an appointment; if unattended, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Southway is not a crisis support service - if your need is urgent, please refer to the State Government’s list of resources.