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Southway Counselling Centre is a community counselling service that seeks to support people as they develop more creative and satisfying life patterns. Southway has been operating in Cheltenham since 1998 and has a team of around 20 counsellors with a wide range of specialisations and expertise. More information here

Affordable! Southway fees are related to a person’s capacity to pay. A sliding scale of fees correlates to a person’s income, and the appropriate fee is determined in conversation with the counsellor at the first session. We try to ensure that no-one is prevented from accessing Southway’s service for financial reasons. Accessible! Southway offers counseling for all age-groups, including children and teenagers. Counsellors work with individuals, couples and family groups as appropriate. Confidential! Southway takes seriously the right of all clients to confidentiality and privacy. You can obtain a copy of the Southway Privacy Policy and the Counsellor Code of Ethics upon request.

Southway Counsellors are available by appointment Monday to Friday
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