Therapeutic Services

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Therapeutic Services

As a centre for wholeness and wellbeing, LifeStreams affirms the integration of body, mind and spirit. This is reflected in the therapeutic services that are offered as part of the LifeStreams program, including massage, myotherapy, counselling and family therapy.

Massage works to benefit the whole body and has a direct influence on most of the systems of the body. It acts to stimulate the lymphatic system, the function of which is to nourish cells and help eliminate waste products from the body. Relaxation massage, as well as deep tissue techniques, are used according to the needs of the client to provide relief for tense, tired and aching muscles. Essential oils may be used and have the ability to work on the mental and emotional levels, as well as on the physical level.

Myotherapy is literally muscle therapy. Problems are assessed, and a variety of techniques are used to work on specific muscle groups. Sometimes it can be painful when a trigger point (sore spot within the muscle) is located and pressure applied. It is important to release these trigger points in order for the muscle to be able to relax. Myotherapy can be useful in the treatment of headaches, back pain, sports injuries, muscle pain, arthritis, stress and more.

Counselling and Family Therapy.

A Manifesto

This is just a part of the dream for LifeStreams. This dream had a beginning before now and will have an ending well beyond now, but for this moment in the journey, the following hopes and values will help shape the ‘place’ that is LifeStreams. Not just the physical space that we know as the LifeStreams Centre, but the ‘place’ that LifeStreams occupies within the life, ministry and mission of the people who are served by Southern Community Church of Christ.

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